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Amanda Vowels LMT


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Beginning my journey on the path of healing in 2014, I attended school at Advanced Massage Therapeutics here in Louisville KY. Novo was opened in 2016 with all the love in my heart and a determination to follow my passion. Now, with a ton of support from my partner, family, friends and the astounding power in word of mouth from some really amazing clients, Novo has built a beautiful new home full of possibilities to share with you. My passion is to heal, whether thats your body or your mind; easing anxieties and addressing tensions are together incredibly important. Using techniques such as trigger point therapy, Swedish and deep tissue massage, vedic thai assisted yoga, modern cupping therapy and aromatherapyI have made it my priority to give my best healing abilities to each client based on their individual needs. Always on an educational path to learn ways to bring harmony and balance into your mind, body, and spirit. 

I have so much gratitude for you trusting me with your sacred self!



Cassie Cameron LMT

Bodyworker/Yoga Instructor

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My Approach

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I have been helping others learn about their bodies through massage for 13 years. While I once focused on barefoot and ashiatsu therapy I am being called to focus on energy healing at this time. My style is a mix of craniosacral, Thai, Swedish, deep tissue, and muscle energy stretching techniques. Using my intuition to tap into what your body is calling attention to. Leaving your mind, body, and spirit in a more harmonious state. My practice is a safe place to be open to leaning into what is holding you back. I look forward to holding space and assisting you on your self care journey


Novo's Approach

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Taking time to talk with clients about their ailments, and goals in recovery, is as important as learning the body through palpation. At Novo we will get to know your body through our sessions together, ultimately creating space, increasing range of motion, finding balance, and alleviating tension, all while your body is in a pure state of relaxation! 

Together we will find the most beneficial methods and blend a bodywork session that is perfect for you and your temple as the unique individual you are!

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